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  • Our tea leaves are sourced from Wu Yi Mountain – the best tea production in Fujian Province, China, with over 1600 years of tea production history.

  • A superior natural environment allows high-quality stems and tea leaves to be grown.

  • Our tea is brewed with tea leaves (not bags or powders) using cold-pressed technology – this ensures the best aspects of the tea, resulting in a beautiful after taste.

  • We use real and fresh ingredients instead of powder/flavour mix – can draw out the best natural flavours to make healthier and tastier drinks.

  • Top-quality tea leaves, real fruit, lactose-free milk.

  • Our drinks will leave you feeling light and clean – taste shouldn’t come at the expense of health.

  • We aim to inspire a healthier drink lifestyle by delivering the “real” taste of tea.

  • Our drinks are created through the fusion of ancient tea culture and modern inspirations to bring an exciting colourful range of flavours.

  • We have reusable merchandise (carry bags, straws) to promote sustainable drinking

  • Our cups are made of durable, premium materials so they can be reused e.g. pen holders, plant pots, etc.

  • Our paper cups are made of biodegradable materials.














  • We have different sizes of drinks – the sizes on the menu are the recommended size.

  •  Drinks are available in hot and cold – check the menu for the sign next to the drink name.

  • We have a variety of toppings and flavours for customer’s to get creative.

Milk cap

  • Milk that has been whipped to form a thick foam that floats on the drink, similar to Macchiato.

  • We have a variety of flavours to add a slightly salty, sour or sweet taste to the drink for a new blend of flavours.

  • Certain drinks pair well with Milk Cap 

Milk cap

  • Salted Egg – A trendy Asian flavour taking the world by storm. It has a sharp, salty but sweet taste.

  • Rock Salt – Adds a subtle salty kick that gives your taste bud a new thrill with every sip.

  • Yoghurt – A milder, creamy flavour compared to above 2.

Original Mochi


Our classic milk tea with mochi.

Mochi Milk Tea


A type of Oolong tea with a rich roasted aroma and robust taste, made with non-dairy milk, comes with mochi topping. Contains caffeine.

Red Robe Mochi


The drink has a deep, caramel or toffee-like flavour, topped up with a choice of milk, black pearls and mochi

*If substituted with Soy Milk 

Brown Sugar Mochi


One of Chaffic's secret menu - Flowery fragrance Jasmine green milk tea with fresh taro and mochi.

Jasmine Taro Mochi

Health Booster

Yakult is a probiotic fermented milk drink, slightly sweeter and sour.


Strawberry Yakult


Made with Australian local yoghurt ice blended to form a smoothie consistency that is smooth and creamy.

*Brownes yoghurt contains gelatine

Strawberry Yoghurt


Yakult is a probiotic fermented milk drink, slightly sweeter and sour.