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Our Story

Since our inception in July 2019, Chaffic has elevated the Perth bubble tea scene to a new level. We proudly brought Tofu Milk Tea to the Australian consumer in 2019 which was exceptionally well-received, as well as a host of other innovative flavours including Coconut Mango, Lychee Bomb, Fairy Peach and Mochi Milk Tea.


To satisfy the insatiable local thirst for bubble tea, Chaffic established a strong presence with a total of 7 successful stores in just one and half years. Our product appeals to a wide variety of customers, with each store maintaining strong customer interest and sales long after the excitement of the grand opening.


In addition to our drive to innovate, Chaffic’s other point of difference is our commitment to quality. We use the only authentic and best ingredients, sourcing our tea leaves from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian, China, while going local for most of our fresh ingredients. Through this, the Chaffic brand has earnt an exemplary reputation for high quality and taste, innovative flavours and excellent customer service.


At Chaffic, we serve a fusion of rich Chinese Heritage and modern inspirations in a cup. We want to take the typical bubble tea experience and turn it into an art form which is approachable, relaxing and utterly delightful for the customer.

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Get involved in our business!

We are always open to new franchise opportunities from passionate and entrepreneurial people. At Chaffic, you will be supported by a dedicated team of experienced specialists and proven systems to help you realise your business goals. We supply you with all of the necessary tools and processes required to operate a Chaffic store. We are here to help you thrive and prosper and will ensure you fully understand every aspect.

Initial Application Path


Express your interest online via the form below


You will receive an email with a full official application form to complete


After we receive your official application, you will receive a Chaffic Franchise Package and then prompted to submit a fully-refundable $2750 deposit


Invitation for an in-person/ phone interview


If successful, we will issue you with a Confidentiality Agreement 


Review business model and go through Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement


Experience Chaffic in-store trail shift


Final reference and checks


Final approval meeting


What we look for in our business partners

At Chaffic, we have worked hard to garner a loyal customer base who is passionate about our product. To help us maintain their trust and continue to deliver on our brand promise, we require all prospective franchisees to:

  • Have a passion for bubble tea and a strong belief in the Chaffic philosophy

  • Be passionate about leading a team and creating a constructive team culture

  • Be energetic and enthusiastic

  • Be focused, resilient, persistent, determined

  • Have an unwavering positive attitude

  • Have a genuine appreciation for great customer service and teamwork

  • Be prepared to make an investment of hard work and long hours to reach success

  • Have solid business skills and a passion for running your own business 

  • Employ a hands-on approach to management and to not be afraid to roll up your sleeves and work hard

  • Commit your full-time capacity and best effort to the day-to-day operations of your business for a minimum 9 months full-time (and 20 hours per week thereafter).

Interested in becoming our franchisee?

Simply fill in the form below

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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